Script Consulting Service

Need help on how to improve your script?

We provide a comprehensive conversation about your script. We go over strengths, weaknesses, and then get into the nitty gritty of how to improve it.

Our script consultancy services include:

Script Reading
We will read your script or treatment and give you detailed notes with analytical, constructive, criticism with specific, actionable suggestions on how to improve your script in a (minimum) 5 page report that will cover every element of the script, through plot/structure, characters, conflict/stakes, dialogue, tone, style and presentation.

Script Development
Scripts evolve through a process of development, from the initial spark through to the writing and rewriting process. If required, we can work with you as script editor and development adviser on several subsequent drafts until we both feel that your script is ready for production or to submit to producers and film investors. Emphasis here is to assess various elements within the piece and focus on what can be prioritised for development going into the next draft.

How to book
Download the Request Form, complete and email it to us at, specifying which service you require.

What happens next?
Once we have received your form, we will be in touch to request your full script and details of the fee and payment. We will then assign your script to one of our experienced script consultants who will set out a time frame for the work to be completed and get started on the work.

If you a have a deadline to , please let us know so that we can confirm we are able to accommodate this